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New arrival for UK’s only moon bears

Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent has announced the arrival of a moon bear cub. The news has been greeted with much excitement by keepers as Wingham is home to the only moon bears in the UK.

Mum Mika gave birth to her first cub with dad Aroon on the 29th of January. At this early stage, keepers are unable to tell if the little one is a boy or girl but can report that the cub is thriving. 

Moon bears are found in the forests of Asia but the species is currently listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN due to the destruction of their natural habitat and hunting for the bear bile trade. 

A medium-sized bear at 6 foot long, moon bears feed on fruits, fungi, grasses, honey, seeds, and leaves, but will also eat insects and eggs – plus honey and peanut butter as a special treat at Wingham!

The moon bear gets its name from the gold crescent moon shape on its chest but is also referred to as the Asiatic black bear.

For the time being. the little moon bear cub will be kept away from public view to allow time for bonding.

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