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Cotswold Wildlife Park celebrates first baby Tapir birth in eight years

Cotswold Wildlife Park is celebrating their first Brazilian Tapir birth since 2006. The calf has been called Lolita and was born to first-time parents Gomez and Cali. Visitors to the park can see her exploring the enclosure she shares with her parents, alongside the world’s largest rodent species – the Capybara.

As can be seen from the video of Lolita and her mother, baby Tapirs are striking in appearance and visually differ greatly from the adults. The reason for this is survival. For the first few weeks of their lives, the mother will make sure the vulnerable calf is hidden in thick foliage in the forest while she leaves to browse. Their coats are covered with stripes and spots, which mimics the speckled sunlight on the forest floor, so the calf can brilliantly camouflage itself in the wild against predators. When Lolita was first born, visitors were unaware that a newborn Tapir was just feet away from them until keepers pointed the baby out!

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