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Create a garden haven for wildlife with ZSL

ZSL London Zoo will be unveiling a brand new exhibit next week full to the brim with handy hints on how to make your garden an oasis for native wildlife.

Opening on Tuesday 15th August, ZSL’s new Wildlife Garden will be offering tips to green-fingered visitors, both young and old, on how to encourage creatures such as hedgehogs, frogs, beetles and butterflies into their outdoor spaces.

From creating mini-beast hotels to building hedgehog highways through fences, the exhibit will showcase some of the ways you can make your garden into a haven for wildlife.

ZSL’s Zoological Director, David Field said: “There are incredible creatures all around us right here in the UK, often in our own back gardens. We want to inspire the public to step outside and admire these small marvels of British wildlife – and then help us protect them.

“From amazing insects such as stag beetles and peacock butterflies to hedgehogs and blue tits, no matter how large or small your own outdoor patch, the Garden has plenty of ideas to help make it a welcoming home for wildlife.”

The brand new exhibit will also highlight the work of ZSL’s Garden Wildlife Health project – a citizen science initiative launched in 2013 which has helped investigate the health of Britain’s garden wildlife, through the support of the general public.

For more information on visiting the Wildlife Garden at ZSL London Zoo go to

Wart Biter Cricket – ZSL

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