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Creepy creatures & Halloween myths at West Midland Safari

Visit the Discovery Trail at West Midland Safari Park over the half-term holiday and meet some of the spooky creatures associated with Halloween.

Often connected with magic and mystery, some of the park’s smaller inhabitants are keen to bust common myths and show how cool they are, rather than creepy.

Cloaked in superstition, bats typically epitomise Halloween with their mysterious behaviour and love of the dark. However, the park’s Rodrigues fruit bats  show how being ‘as blind as a bat’ is in fact a common myth. The ‘colony’ of 13 bats use their huge brown eyes to find fruit and can be extremely nimble when flying around their cave.

All bats are able to see, with some relying on their eyes to find a tasty treat. Other bats use echolocation to navigate the landscape and cleverly avoid obstacles.

Snakes are often thought of as being slimy and slippery, and are a common phobia among many. Yet one of the three common boa constrictors at the park has been keen to prove that he is in fact covered in dry scales made from keratin – rather than being the scary, slithery serpent he is perceived to be.

Often feared for their hygiene habits, rats are another fearsome favourite for this eerie time of year. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually an extremely clean species and will even clean themselves after being handled by a human!

Amy Sewell, Head Discovery Trail Keeper, said, “People often misunderstand these animals which is mainly down to myths and not facts. As keepers, we get to work closely with these animals and our aim is to educate guests and show there is nothing to be feared.”

She added, “The scales on the boa are the same material that make our hair and nails. Rats are extremely clean animals and the bats have such good eyesight that they can weave through the trees in our Twilight Cave when it’s dark.”

Join West Midland Safari Park during their Spooky Spectacular for witches, ghosts and eerie tales. Enjoy late night rides and be spooked on the animal Discovery Trail. Meet creepy crawlies and experience the eerie twilight bat cave. There’s also a special Halloween show from Dr Franken-Sea-Lion Strikes again!. Open until 9pm on weekends and during half term, until 29th October.

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Rodrigues bats use their large brown eyes to navigate and find fruity treats.

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