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Deep thinkers of the oceans explained

Deep Thinkers is a beautifully illustrated and comprehensive book exploring the intelligence of whales, dolphins and porpoises. We already know that these creatures are the smartest in the sea, but how do we define intelligence in non-humans?

Deep Thinkers brings together the top researches in this field to explain their findings in a book written to engage from the very beginning. Aimed at those with a passion for wildlife, but with no prior knowledge required, absorbing chapters take an in-depth look at cetacean brains and what we have learned through studies of their tool use, self-recognition, complex songs and intricate social networks.

Fascinating cases throughout the book also compare intelligence markers in cetaceans with that of birds, bats, primates and even ourselves.

Edited by Professor of Biology and Psychology, Janet Mann, who also has 30 years’ experience in the study of dolphin behaviour, Deep Thinkers is a timely companion to the BBC’s Blue Planet II, due to air this Sunday 29 October.

Deep Thinkers is published by Ivy Press / Quarto Knows, £20 hardback

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