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Discover a secret world beyond our senses

Invisible Nature: A secret world beyond our senses 
By Catherine Barr Illustrated by Anne Wilson 

If your little ones have inquisitive minds and a love for all things nature, the fascinating new book by Catherine Barr will light up their imaginations.

Ever wondered how dolphins find friends and vampire bats locate prey, or why reindeer food glows in the snow? Using the lives of animals to explain the science,  Invisible Nature answers some compelling questions about the world around us in a fun and often surprising way.

Find out how animals use light, scent, sound, and forces beyond our human senses to survive in a secret world that we may not see, feel, smell, or hear.

Discover how the animals use these mysterious powers across our planet, then find out how people have learned to use them too in the first book to cover this important topic for younger readers.

Catherine Barr has published a number of books for children specialises in raising awareness of environmental issues, including the bestselling The Story of Life, Elliot’s Arctic Surprise, supported by Greenpeace International, the 10 Reasons to Love wildlife series with the Natural History Museum and Red Alert: 15 Endangered Animals Fighting to Survive.

Invisible Nature: A secret world beyond our senses by Catherine Barr  and illustrated by Anne Wilson is published by Otter-Barry – hardback £12.99 – out now.

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