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Discover Tiny Giants at ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo is inviting visitors to enter the world of Tiny Giants: From Minibeasts to Coral Reefs from Monday 17th May as it launches a brand new indoor experience.

Celebrating the planet’s smallest but mightiest animals, the new immersive exhibit shines a spotlight on the planet’s smallest superheroes: from underwater corals and the aquatic wildlife they support, to industrious leafcutter ants, spiders and beetles.

Visitors to the exhibit – free with zoo entry – will be given a bugs-eye view of the world, as they find themselves shrunk to the size of an ant, surrounded by a garden of giant leaves and flowers.

Meet an Assassin bug at ZSL London Zoo’s Tiny Giants 

Discover what it’s like to see through the eyes of a bug – from multi-lensed bees and HD vision jumping spiders to the psychedelic sight of a mantis shrimp – and explore the seven-metre-long reef aquarium, where you’ll find clownfish and blue tangs swimming through a forest of corals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

There’s also a chance to visit the zoo’s Partula Lab, where Critically Endangered tree snails are being reared as part of a vital breeding and reintroduction programme, and the UK’s only spider walkthrough In with the Spiders – where nothing stands between visitors and a host of golden orb spiders in their beautiful webs!

Visit the tree snails at London Zoo’s Tiny Giants exhibit

An alternate world has also been created to show just how different our daily lives would be if insects no longer existed – and how spineless superheroes do everything from cleaning the environment and revitalising soil to pollinating a third of the food we buy every day.

You can also learn how to make your garden and windowsill a welcoming place for these small but mighty creatures by visiting the zoo’s Wildlife Garden for inspiration.

In with the Spiders at London Zoo’s Tiny Giants exhibit

For further information and to book tickets go to

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