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Educational bird cards launched for young learners

Bird care experts Vine House Farm have created a series of Educational Bird Cards to help children learn about the birds around them.

Suitable for those home schooling or looking for ideas to keep children entertained over the summer holidays, as well as for use in the classroom, the cards feature bright colours and a clearly displayed image of each bird, with information including wingspan, length, the UK breeding population, weight, average lifespan and what to feed them.


Encouraging children to become engaged with native birds and wildlife is a great way to teach them about the environment and the importance of nature conservation.

Vine House Farm said “It’s so important that the younger generation are aware of the importance birds have on not only our ecosystem but also society in general. They help shape the plant life that we see around both locally and globally.

We created the Educational Bird Cards to inspire the new generation to take a look outside and see what wildlife they can see; taking the time to identify the birds, to explore and fully immerse themselves in the beauty that could be sat on their kitchen windowsill.”

The cards will be added to the Vine House Farm website shortly and every sale the company makes supports The Wildlife Trusts, with over £2m raised to date.

Main image credit: Pixabay

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  1. Neil Bates says

    Really interesting website. The descriptions of common birds and recordings of their songs are particularly useful to help with identification of birds you can’t see!

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