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European bird watchers flock to Lake Constance

Bird watching enthusiasts looking to travel abroad may want to consider flocking to Lake Constance in the coming months. One of the most varied regions in the whole of central Europe, the area can boast up to 150 breeding bird species & over 410 confirmed species sightings each year.

With its close proximity to the Alps and sheer abundance of bird life, Lake Constance is the destination for thousands of birds flying to warmer climes every year. Some species gather here on their way south, while others find the temperate climate of the lake pleasant enough to stay on.

Set within 536 square kilometers and spanning four countries, Lake Constance is the largest lake at the foothills of the Alps, after Lake Geneva, with the wide water surface and the good food supply attracting tens of thousands of water birds annually. For many species, Lake Constance is one of the most important areas of Central Europe for resting and hibernation.

Areas of particular interest while visiting include The “ Untersee” / “Wollmatinger Ried”, set within the Swiss-German part of Lake Constance and situated in the western part of the region. Here you will also find the The Max-Planck-Institut for Ornithologie, one of the most notable centres for the study of bird life in Europe. The “Rheintal”  Austrian Part of Lake Constance region) and   The “Eriskircher Ried“ (German part of Lake Constance region/northern shore) are also areas of great interest for serious birders.

With many picturesque places to stay, Hotel am See in Hard, Austria and Strandhotel Löchnerhaus in Island Reichenau, Germany both come highly recommended.

Great Egret – Rhine Delta Austria

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