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Exotic new arrivals join Longleat this summer

Take a trip Longleat this bank holiday weekend and meet a host of brand new animals who arrived at the park over the summer holidays.

The newest arrivals include a colony of colobus monkeys, native to central Africa, and a group of spotted, or laughing, hyenas, a first for the Wiltshire wildlife attraction.

The newcomers join a pair of endangered Amur tigers, who arrived at Longleat as part of a European breeding programme, and two new western lowland gorillas, who are settling in well.

Visitors can view the troop of black and white colobus monkeys on a Jungle Cruise boat trip around a manmade island in the middle of a lake, once home to Nico the gorilla.

The boat trip also includes the chance to feed sea lions, spot Longleat’s resident pair of hippos and cruise past Gorilla Colony – a spectacular lakeside retreat filled with trees, logs and even a waterfall to mimic their natural African forest habitat.

The group of male spotted hyenas – collectively known as a ‘cackle’ – join a new drive-past enclosure alongside Longleat’s resident cheetahs and wolves.  These magnificent sub-Saharan hunters are known as ‘laughing’ hyenas due to the bizarre giggling sounds they make when excited.

Visitors can also experience extremely close encounters with fearsome life-size dinosaurs as part of the spectacular ‘T. rex The Killer Question’ interactive exhibition, which runs until September 3rd. Devised and created by the Natural History Museum, this immersive 3D blockbuster exhibition features terrifying animatronics, casts, static models and graphic displays.

There’s also the opportunity to track down dozens of brightly-painted pandas as part of a fun pop-up art trail. For more information on visiting go to

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