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First health check for Edinburgh Zoo’s new red panda kit

An adorable red panda kit has been born at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo.

The young male, who arrived in July, received his first health check with head vet Simon Girling and keeper Leanne Deacon and will soon start to explore outside after spending his first few months in the den.

The team at People’s Postcode Lottery, whose players funded the wildlife conservation charity’s red panda enclosure in 2017, have named the new arrival Ruaridh – meaning red-haired king.

Ruaridh was born to mum Ginger, who arrived from the Netherlands in February 2017, and dad Bruce, who arrived in March 2016, also from the Netherlands.

The red panda is native to the Eastern Himalayas, Myanmar and southwestern China, but is now listed as endangered due to habitat loss and poaching, making conservation and breeding programmes increasingly important.

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Image: First health check for red panda kit at Edinburgh Zoo (RZSS)

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