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How wildlife photography helped heal a broken mind

Wildlife photography pulled Paul Williams back from the brink. After years struggling with mental illness, triggered by PTSD while serving as a police officer, Paul discovered the power of photography to improve wellbeing.

Finding solace in the natural world, Paul created this enchanting book of beautiful photographs to tell the story of how nature helped heal his broken mind.

Wildlife Photography, saving my life one frame at a time begins with Paul’s frank account of events leading up to his breakdown, charting his journey to recovery and subsequent reawakening. We find that, ultimately, a love of wildlife photography became the motivation that spurred him on and rediscover a life worth living.

Featuring 200 colour images of  British wildlife, with some taken further afield, this is a visually stunning book from beginning to end. Engaging commentary throughout sets the scene for each wildlife encounter, with general tips on taking photographs inspiring to anyone wishing to use photography as a way to connect with nature.

“Photography has the power to change people’s minds; here, it’s a means of visual journey through Paul’s account of his breakdown and recovery. Uplifting and beautiful in its simplicity, this is a heartening tale of how a closer bond with nature can heal the human mind.” Chris Packham

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Wildlife Photography: Saving my life one frame at a time by Paul Williams

Published by Hubble & Hattie – out now

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