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Grass Animal Zoo at London’s Wetland Centre

WWT London Wetland Centre, set in 105 acres of nature reserve in Barnes, south west London, will host a Grass Animal Zoo over the half term week.

The visitor attraction and site of special scientific interest is home to a wide range of wildlife species including birds, water voles, bats and amphibians. From Saturday 28 May to Sunday 4 June you will also find eight life-size grass animals including a bear, giraffe, hippo and a camel.

Have fun discovering which of the animals live in wetlands and which of them can go for days without water. For instance, hippos love water so much that their name means ‘river horse’ in Greek. But camels can go for days without drinking, and their droppings are so dry they can be used as fuel to make fires!

The Grass Animal Zoo will be located within the grounds of the reserve where you will also see real wetland creatures such as ducks, otters, water voles and dragonflies. In addition, the Wetland Centre is home to hundreds of bird species, with six wildlife hides available around the grounds to spot them from.

WWT Wetland Centres have ten sites around the UK which are open all year round. Events such as walks and talks, safaris and feeding sessions, photography, craft classes and children’s activities are all regulalrly on offer.

To find out more about visiting the Grass Animal Zoo in London go to;

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