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Helping our feathered friends during the heat

Many of us will be enjoying the current spell of warm weather, but we should spare a thought for our garden birds who may be struggling to find essential food and water at this time.

Although wild birds have ways of regulating their body temperature to deal with rising heat, the hot weather still brings with it a number of problems that can impact on their wellbeing.

If cleanliness is not attended to around feeding stations and water baths, they can become breeding grounds for parasites, viruses and fungi and in turn spread disease.

A supply of fresh water for drinking and bathing is crucial too as natural sources may be difficult to locate. With the ground becoming dry and hard, finding worms and insects may also become a problem.  Therefore, high protein foods including mealworms and earthworms and will be appreciated by the birds during summer months. These also contain lots of moisture, helping keep birds hydrated during periods of prolonged dry weather.

Creating a shady spot by planting plenty of trees and shrubs will also help birds keep cool in the summer while also offering a welcome retreat from the mid day sun.

CJ Wildlife, leading suppliers of bird food and feeders have put together their 5 Top Tips for keeping your garden birds cool and content this summer;

  • Provide a regular supply of clean, fresh water
  • Clean feeders regularly to help avoid the spread of pests and diseases
  • Keep feeders topped up with fresh food
  • Feed live foods, such as mealworms to your birds – a great source of protein when natural food sources are scarce (particularly for young birds)
  • If you’re going away on holiday fill your feeders before you go or even better ask a neighbour to keep them topped up while you are away.

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