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Hide & Seek with Hape’s new bamboo periscope

Hape, the world’s largest producer of wooden toys, has introduced a ‘Nature Fun’ range, to encourage children to explore the adventure of the great outdoors. The team at Discover Animals had fun trying out the Hide & Seek Periscope, and examining garden hedgerows and wildlife.

Although aimed at children from 5 and up, our two-year-old was very interested in how it worked and, after a couple of tries, eventually got the hang of it! Our six-year-old was more interested in spying on the sheep, and was impressed by how far he could see!

The periscope would add a great new dimension to a country walk during the summer holidays, examining the undergrowth and wildlife up close as you go without disturbing any activity. You can peek into rabbit holes and bird boxes, and see over walls without being revealed, helped by an 8X zoom. There is also a handy wrist strap to make it easy to carry.

Made from bamboo, to avoid leaving a damaging footprint on the environment, the Nature Fun collection is part of Hape’s innovative range of eco-friendly toys. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, so the aim is to take full advantage of this strength and incorporate it into toy making; by the time the toy makes it into your hands, the bamboo used to make it has already grown back.

The collection also includes a Pocket Swing and Flower Press Art DIY Kit, and the Hide & Seek Periscope is available to buy online for £11.72 from Amazon (just click the link below).

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