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Nausicaa extends two major sea story displays

Nausicca, Europe’s largest aquarium located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, has enhanced two of its major marine exhibitions with spectacular new displays.

Stopovers in the Mediterranean now features a space devoted entirely to shipwrecks, created to allow visitors – like a diver – to discover creatures that have made the underwater habitat their new home – including the hermaphroditic dusky grouper (main image) and nocturnal predator, the Mediterranean moray. The exhibit has been constructed to resemble the inside of a cargo freighter or ship, with openings showing the treasures that lie sunken at the bottom of the sea, as fish and divers pass by.

The Journey in the English Channel and the North Sea display showcases how the cold and choppy waters off our coasts are rich in marine life and provide a haven for birds, seals and dolphins. A newly installed tank has enhanced the visitor experience and Norway lobsters can now be observed in their burrows. Plus, a new audio-visual display highlights the scale of the tidal phenomenon which occurs in the Opal Coast region of northern France.

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