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New baby for Bristol Zoo gorilla family

Bristol Zoo is celebrating World Gorilla Day (24th September) with a tiny new addition to its troupe of western lowland gorillas.

Born to nine-year-old Kala last month, the arrival of the yet to be named baby is a great boost for the conservation of the Critically Endangered species and brings the number of gorillas at the Zoo to seven.

Baby gorilla and mum Kala at Bristol Zoo (Sept 2020)

Bristol Zoo hopes to announce the gender of the baby in the coming weeks – and is happy to report that the little one is very alert and feeding well.

Lynsey Bugg, Curator of Mammals at Bristol Zoo, said: “Kala continues to be a great mother. She is getting more confident carrying her baby around and has started carrying it on her back or on her arm, making it easier for her to move around the gorilla house and outside on their island.

“The baby is definitely looking very strong and healthy and is getting hairier and more alert. Kala continues to hold the baby very close which makes confirming its sex more difficult, but we hope we’ll be able to announce the sex of the little one very soon.”

For more than 20 years Bristol Zoological Society has supported a sanctuary in Cameroon which helps look after orphaned gorillas and chimpanzees – and a conservation project in Equatorial Guinea which focuses on western lowland gorillas.

Visitors to Bristol Zoo should be able to see the new arrival at the Gorilla House on the Zoo’s one-way route. For more information and to pre-book tickets, go to

Main image:  Baby gorilla at Bristol Zoo (Katie Horrocks)

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