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Where to see red squirrels in England

Red Squirrel Awareness Week (21st to 27th September 2020) is held every year to highlight the plight of one of our most iconic British mammals.

Once a common sight throughout the UK, the red squirrel population has rapidly declined since the 1950s, with the loss of woodland habitat a contributing factor. With fewer than 40,000 remaining in England, The Mammal Society has now included the red squirrel on its Red List for endangered British mammals.

However, there’s still a chance to spot a red squirrel on a forest or woodland walk. Wildlife expert Sean McMenemy from Ark Wildlife shares his top tips – assisted by regional Wildlife Trusts – for the best places to go:





Isle of Wight


If you would like to support a red squirrel charity, visit:


Photo credit: Red squirrel – Rebecca Prest

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