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New tropical forest exhibition welcomes baby gecko

To mark its 25th anniversary, NAUSICAA, the French Sea Life Centre in Boulogne, has created a colourful new exhibition inspired by the tropical forest.

When it comes to biodiversity, land and sea are totally interlinked, forming a single ecosystem. Just like a coral reef, the tropical forest is a symbol of biodiversity.

On display are frogs, geckos, snakes and chameleons, and a pair of Pasteur’s day geckos, the female of which gave birth to a perfectly-formed baby gecko recently, which was put in the reptile vivarium so that the handlers could feed it and monitor its development.

The Pasteur’s day gecko (Phelsuma pasteuri) is endemic to Mayotte where it lives in an area covering 127 square kilometres. It is a small animal (10 to 30cm), living in forests and mangroves, and feeds mainly on small insects, fruit and the nectar from flowers.

This endemic animal has been placed on the ‘Near-Threatened’ list by the IUCN. The species was named after French herpetologist Georges Pasteur.

Image copyright: Simon Costeux-NAUSICAA



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