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Polar bears enjoy Yorkshire snow ❄️

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, near Branton in Doncaster, was transformed into a winter wonderland after heavy snowfall yesterday. The park’s polar bears, Nissan, Nobby, Victor and Pixel, were delighted to find their ten acre reserve completely covered by snow and wasted no time enjoying it.

Home to the country’s only polar bears, Yorkshire Wildlife Park is at the forefront of an international conservation campaign, Project Polar. Working closely with Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation (YWPF) and Polar Bears International (PBI), Project Polar is innovative habitat for polar bears and a dynamic programme for their conservation and welfare. It is also a centre for research to help bears in the wild and in other zoos around the world.

The Project Polar work also includes the rescue of bears from substandard conditions around the world and improving polar bear welfare in zoos and parks.

For more information on visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park go to

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