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Port Lympne welcome baby drill monkey

Port Lympne in Kent have welcomed the arrival of a new baby drill monkey to the reserve.

Born at the end of May to mum, Khari and dad, Nebosja the new female, named Nyombe, can now be seen with the rest of her group by visitors to the park.

The drill, who is closely related to the baboon, is native to Africa but endangered as a mammal. The new birth therefore brings great excitement to keepers at the reserve with Port Lympne now celebrating nine successful drill monkey births at the park to date.

As Nyombe is new and very cute, she has become the centre of attention in her group with all the adult females longing to take turns to hold her and all the other kids trying to play with her too.

However, they are going to have to be patient and wait a little longer because she’s too young to let go of her mum for long.

Port Lympne Reserve is part if the Aspinall Foundation, one of the most successful breeders of captive endangered animals in the world.

To find out more about visiting the new drill monkey at Port Lympne Reserve go to visit

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