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The Salisbury Cathedral Peregrines

The Peregrines of Salisbury Cathedral look down from their perch on top of the tower

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Discover Animals’ Geoff Moore climbs the 332 steps of the Salisbury Cathedral tower to meet a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons and their four chicks.

Records appear to indicate the presence of these birds of prey at the cathedral since the mid 1800s. The last time the peregrines bred here was in 1952 until they returned in 2013, breeding successfully in 2014, and they have remained ever since.

Every June, in conjunction with the RSPB, the cathedral organises a ‘Date with Nature’ event, where visitors are invited to view the peregrines through telescopes from the west front of the attraction.

Falcons in the City: The Story of a Peregrine Family

A charming story about a nest of peregrine falcons on a balcony high atop a tower block. This amusing true-life story looks at the issues related to urban wildlife and how urban dwellers co-exist with an ever-increasing wildlife population. The book also explores the natural history of this majestic bird species.


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