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‘Santa Paws’ comes early for the Highlands Amur tigers

The Amur tigers received an early Christmas treat from their keepers at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park last week.

The feisty pair got festive when keepers placed giant papier-mâché balls painted like Christmas puddings into their enclosure. Marty and Dominika were released to pounce and play with the puddings, which were placed throughout the large enclosure that they share.

The tiger friendly puddings, hand-made and painted by their keepers, provided the pair with enrichment as part of an on-going program which, along with the natural enrichment of their enclosure, helps to provide them with new challenges and keep them mentally and physically in purrrfect condition.

Vickie Larkin, Carnivore Head Keeper at RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, said: “The tigers loved getting their claws into their giant papier-mâché puddings. We wanted to give them a special Christmas treat because they are very active and they absolutely enjoyed destroying their puddings, and rolling and chasing them around the enclosure.”

Amur tigers are the largest member of the cat family. They are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List, with approximately 350-450 individuals left in the wild. The population once dwindled to as low as 50 and they are still threatened due to habitat loss and poaching for their skins and other body parts for the traditional medicine trade.

Photo credit: Alex Riddell/RZSS


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