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Show birds star in new Isle of Man stamp collection

The Isle of Man Post Office has teamed up with photographer Luke Stephenson to produce a striking new stamp collection featuring popular and unusual species of birds.

Selected from the world of cage and aviary, familiar varieties of budgie, canary and small finches appear alongside more exotic varieties, such as a redpoll crossed with a bullfinch, to illustrate the diversity in the bird fancying world.

Bird societies and ‘fur and feather’ competitions grew in popularity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with our love of birds stretching back to the sixteenth century when sailors brought parrots back from South America and Africa and also canaries for their song.

The budgerigar was imported to the UK by the artist John Gould in 1840, with the Budgerigar Society – founded in 1925 in England – being most popular after World War II in the 1950s. Other societies were also created for the various breeds of canaries and British and foreign birds.

The Show Birds stamp collection features: the Fife Canary, Gouldian Finch, Budgerigar, Redpoll Hybrid, Paradise Tanager and Diamond Sparrow – and is available as a 6-stamp set, sheet set, presentation pack and first-day cover from 9th February 2021.

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