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Sing in the spring

It is International Dawn Chorus Day on 1st May where people all over the world, from the UK to the Arctic and Caribbean, rise early to take a moment to appreciate nature’s finest music – birdsong.

This event is believed to have been started in the 1980s when broadcaster and environmentalist, Chris Baines invited people to get up at 4am on his birthday to listen to the Dawn Chorus.

Birds can sing for over an hour and, despite the multitude of voices, there is actually a structure and lineup – if you listen carefully. The chorus starts with blackbirds and robins who are then followed by woodpigeons, great tits, dunnocks and wrens.

Now there are events being held across Britain, starting on the day itself, but also running throughout May. There are plenty of opportunities to meet up with your local wildlife group, or even organize your own event!

For more information about the IDCD, to find out about events locally or to publicise what you are doing to celebrate, visit:

You can listen to individual bird song and get in tune with identifying them by visiting the British Library website:

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