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Spring baby boom for Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster, is enjoying an unprecedented baby boom as it celebrates new arrivals for spring.

Eland antelopes, painted dogs, wallabies and Bactrian camels have all introduced young, much to the delight of visitors flocking to the park over the Easter holidays.

The newest of the generation are Bactrian camel calves Julius and Jeremiah, born on March 2nd, and Jaffa born on March 11th. They are all settling in well and join four generations of camels now residing at the park.

The newborn calves are a domestic strain of the critically endangered Bactrian camel whose numbers have dwindled to below 1,000 in their native Gobi Desert in Asia. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation charity has been busy fundraising, supporting work by the Wild Camel Foundation to protect the wild Bactrian species.

Simon Marsh, Animal Collection Manager says; “Easter is always a fun time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, this year made extra special with the arrival or all our new births.

“The mixture of education and fun is important for families to enjoy their day at the park, and also helps us raise awareness of the endangered species we have here.”

Yorkshire Wildlife Park is home to some of the most threatened species on the planet, including the country’s only polar bears, Victor, Pixel, Nissan and Nobby who share one of the world’s largest reserves. The 10-acre reserve, Project Polar, is complete with pools, caves and rolling terrain that replicates the bears’ natural habitat.

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