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Top tips for feeding garden birds during the heat

CJ Wildlife would like us to spare a thought for our garden birds this summer as they may be struggling to find essential food and water in the heat.

Although most wild birds are well adapted and have several ways to regulate their body temperature, the heat still brings with it a number of problems that can impact on their health.

Fresh water is essential for garden birds, so providing a birdbath near your feeding station is most important for drinking and bathing. If you have room, a shallow pond in your garden will benefit more wildlife than just the birds.

Warm weather creates a breeding ground for parasites, so cleanliness around feeding stations and water baths becomes paramount in order to minimise the spread of disease. Try a natural sanitizing product such as Citrosan to clean water dishes and birdbaths, or Ark-Klens, which is veterinarian recommended and safe to use around wildlife and domestic animals.

As the ground becomes dry, it makes it more difficult for our feathered friends to access the supply of worms and insects they usually find in the soil.  Ensure you have a full bird feeder or two – and remember to keep them topped up when you go on holiday.  Consider a high capacity feeder from the CJ Wildlife Conqueror or Adventurer ranges and by using a no waste, no mess, no weeds food such as Hi-Energy No Mess Seed Mix, you won’t have any clearing up to do either. Dried mealworms also provide an excellent source of protein and make a welcome change to seeds.

Garden birds like a shady spot to keep cool in during the summer, so any shrubs or trees in your garden offering deep shade will provide a welcome retreat from the midday sun.

CJ Wildlife’s Top 5 Tips to keep your birds content

  • Provide a regular supply of clean, fresh water
  • Clean feeders regularly to help avoid the spread of pests and diseases
  • Remove any old food from feeding areas
  • If you’re going away on holiday fill your feeders before you go or even better ask a neighbour to keep them topped up while you are away.
  • Add shrubs to your garden planting to provide shade from the sun
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