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Twycross announces arrival of adorable tufted deer

Twycross Zoo in Leicesteshire has announced the birth of an adorable Michie’s tufted deer. The new arrival was born on 19th May, the day of the Royal Wedding, and stole the show at Twycross.

The little male deer, named Duke by keepers in honour of his royal connection, is the second offspring for parents Fatima and Mitch. This latest addition highlights the success of the zoo’s breeding programme with Twycross the only UK zoo breeding tufted deer, and one of only two collections keeping this near threatened species.

Michie’s tufted deer is native to a particular area of south-eastern China and is a small deer species with a brown coat , a bright white flash of fur under their tail and a prominent tuft of black hair on their forehead.

The species’ close relative, the Muntjac which also originates from China, can be found across the South of England as they were introduced to the UK by the Duke of Bedford in the early 20th century. Michie’s tufted deer is usually a solitary species and generally most active at dawn and dusk, making them difficult to spot.

Visitors can now see the baby deer exploring his new surroundings at Twycross, whilst his parents attentively supervise him. More than 500 different animals can also be found at the award-winning conservation charity, which has recently opened Chimpanzee Eden, a brand new immersive jungle habitat.

Twycross Zoo is open daily from 10am to 6pm. For more information on visiting go to

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