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UK’s only koala joey a girl

The UK’s only koala joey had her first health check at the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s (RZSS) Edinburgh Zoo recently.

Staff at the wildlife conservation charity have confirmed that the youngster, born in July last year, is a girl and currently weighs 759g.

Keepers will now choose an Aboriginal inspired name for the young joey, as they did with her sister who was born in 2018 and named Kalari, meaning ‘daughter’.

Credit: RZSS/Sian Addison

Lorna Hughes, team leader for koalas at Edinburgh Zoo, said, “We are thrilled our youngster is doing well after her first health check. 

“Like all young koala joeys, she spends most of her time clinging to her mum, so we gave her a soft toy to hold on to while she was being weighed.

“At nearly eight months old, she’s now almost too big to fit inside mum Alinga’s pouch and has started to venture outside and onto Alinga’s back more regularly.”

As well as being part of the international breeding programme for Queensland koalas – currently classified as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List – RZSS also supports conservation projects for the species in Australia. 

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