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Unexpected anteater baby for Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Keepers at Yorkshire Wildlife Park were surprised to find that their new giant anteater had given birth to a female pup in January.

Mum Tammy arrived at the park from a zoo in France in October as a potential mate for resident male anteater Niki. However, it appears Tammy the female anteater was already expecting.

“No-one here or at her previous home was aware of the pregnancy but it was a fantastic surprise,” said animal manager Debbie Porter.

“Tammy was brought to the park last year in hope that she would eventually breed with our male anteater Niki. Little did we know she must have already been pregnant.

“The birth is fantastic and a great boost for these endangered animals. We encourage all visitors to come down and visit our cutest new arrival this half term.”

Giant anteaters give birth to a single baby at a time, with pregnancy lasting for six months, although their thick fur makes it difficult to detect their condition.

Once born, the baby will immediately latch onto the fur on its mother’s back where it will stay for around a year, warm and camouflaged for protection.

The anteater baby does not have a name yet but Yorkshire Wildlife Park are running a competition on social media to ask guests for suggestions beginning with this year’s letter ‘L’ – @YorkshireWP

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