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Watch wild birds live for wellbeing

Spring is a busy time of year for our wild birds who are currently nest building, looking after eggs and rearing their young. 

For the opportunity to connect with nature and watch some of our native species, CJ Wildlife is offering a season of live nest box webcams to view from home. Take a front-row seat and choose from one of 12 live-action cameras to witness the fascinating habits of birds as they go about their daily lives.

Tawny owl webcam – CJ Wildlife

From owls, peregrines and kestrels to storks, spoonbills and garden birds, the webcams are available to view 24 hours a day and equipped with night vision so nothing is missed.  You can even watch the antics of a recently hatched Tawny owl chick

Peregrine falcon webcam – CJ Wildlife

Visitors to the CJ Wildlife website will also find lots of information on each of the webcam birds, including the incubation period for eggs and nesting habits, plus suggestions on which kind of nest box is suitable for your garden, balcony or window. You may also be tempted to buy a wildlife camera your own!

Watch live webcams and shop all CJ Wildlife products here


Main image: White stork webcam – CJ Wildlife

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