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Wildwood wolves howl along to ‘clap for carers’

As the nation comes together each week for the Clap For Our Carers campaign, locals near Wildwood Trust in Kent have been treated to a chorus of wolves as they join in and howl along.

Surprised residents noticed the wolves begin to howl on a Thursday evening at 8pm, just as people started clapping to praise NHS workers from the streets and balconies near by.

Wolf at Wildwood, Kent / Credit – Wildwood Trust

Wolves are more active at dusk and dawn, the time for hunting in the wild, and are generally more alert and excited in the evening. The howl of a wolf can be heard up to 6 miles away, so it is no wonder that it has been possible to make out their beautiful chorus amidst the claps.

Wolves will howl for many different reasons, over long distances, and to show a claim to territory. Howling is used to communicate a wide range of social behaviours, from friendliness and triumph, to longing and sorrow, with Wildwood’s wolf pack no exception.

Wolves at Wildwood, Kent / Credit Wildwood Trust

‘’It is likely that the wolves thought there was another wolf pack nearby and that they wanted to mark their territory’’, commented Wildwood Trust wolf keeper, Sally Holt.

‘’A more beautiful, albeit slightly less likely, scenario is that the wolves were inspired by the praise to make their own evening choir. While they will hardly have known what they were listening to, it may have prompted them to howl together to strengthen their bonds as a family.

”It was just absolutely amazing when they started. It is so beautiful and it really felt like they were joining the praise”, noted a resident living right behind the wildlife park.

Wolf pack howling at Wildwood Trust, Kent


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