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Wonderful bird photography from a remarkable young man

Oliver Hellowell is a celebrated young wildlife photographer, and quite rightly so because the images he takes of his passion – birds – are stunning.

Oliver’s work is sold around the world, winning awards, TV appearances and praise from other professionals. However, what sets Oliver apart from others is that he has Down Syndrome.

Having encountered challenges from the very beginning, Oliver, now 22, has exceeded all expectations and realised his dream to become a professional photographer.

Communicating what he sees in his own unique way, Oliver has built a reputation for producing some amazing work and has a brilliant eye for bird photography. From capturing the beautiful plumage of a flamingo to water droplets falling from a mallard’s back, each bird is recorded in fantastic detail, colour and atmosphere of their own.

Charming quotes accompany many of the images within the book, bringing a narrative to Oliver’s collection. Equally happy to take photos of small birds, like the coal tit or wren, ‘especially if the bird has food in its mouth’ – his favourite has to be the birds of prey. With these magnificent creatures, Oliver finds himself transfixed by the ‘look’ in their eyes which he will endeavor to capture in sharp detail and focus.

This glorious book is not only a celebration of Oliver Hellowell and his remarkable photography – but also a testament to ambition with no limitations.

Oliver’s Birds, by Oliver Hellowell – Forward by Iolo Williams & Ken Jenkins
Published by ACC Art Books – hardback – out now

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