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Workshops to overcome your eight-legged fear

September marks the start of spider season and with it the worst nightmare for some people as spiders become more visible in their quest to find a mate.  However, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo are keen to help those affected by offering a series “Spiders: Fight Your Phobia” workshops, which run from September to November.

Designed to help those with arachnophobia to overcome their fear in a friendly, relaxed and supportive atmosphere, this popular workshop managed to achieve a 98% success rate last year!

Jo Paulson, Events and Experiences Manager at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, said: ‘People with a fear of spiders can really start to dread the Autumn when spiders start to become more visible. So, we’ve designed a workshop to help them to understand the fear and to help them to deal with their phobia. We have had a very high success rate in helping people overcome their fears and many have made the choice to practise catching a house spider.”

Those attending will hear from clinical hypnotherapist Morag Torrance and be given a chance to discuss their phobia to better understand its impact, before the zoo’s expert keepers show how fascinating spiders can be and that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

A group hypnosis session will then follow to help participants relax, remove negative thoughts and reinforce positive associations with spiders.

Once this part of the course is complete, participants will then have the choice of whether to go with the zoo’s keepers to meet some friendly spiders or practise calmly catching a British house spider.

If you are interested in signing up for the day long course email to find out more or click here for details.


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