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The Deep

The Deep, Tower Street, Hull, United Kingdom

01482 381000

Hull’s award winning aquarium, The Deep, is home to over 3,500 fish including green sawfish, spectacular sharks, rays, turtles and a colony of Gentoo penguins! Travel through the story of the world’s oceans from warm tropical lagoons to the icy cold Antarctic seas. Enjoy the fun and educational interactive and audio-visual presentations, which make it a fun-filled family day out for all ages.

Visit the tropical lagoon of light, where you can learn more about its colourful inhabitants during scatter feed sessions at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm. Make sure to stop by Dylan’s Discovery Corner next to the Lagoon to learn about some of the smaller native species to the UK shores. Join in the fantastic touch pool sessions and meet starfish, velvet swimmer crabs and sea urchins at 10.30am, 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm and 4.30pm. (Please note sessions are subject to change.)

Stop by the magnificent Endless Oceans exhibit where 2.5 million litres of water and 87 tonnes of salt make this home to an array of stunning species. Watch the divers feed the majestic sharks and rays in Endless Oceans on Monday to Friday, the Lagoon of Light on Saturday and Amazon Flooded Forest on Sundays at 2pm.

Visitors can see the superb Amazon Flooded Forest tank, home to some striking species including red tailed catfish, ripsaw catfish, motoro stingray, tiger shovelnose catfish and pacu. Many of the animals you will see in here have been rescued from unsuitable homes as part of the Big Fish Campaign.

Experience life in the cool seas, see creatures from our coastal waters and discover mysteries of deep-water dwellers, and learn about the diversity of life living in cold water.

Don’t miss The Deep’s colony of Gentoo penguins; these loveable animals have taken up residence in the Kingdom of Ice – see them swim and frolic on the ice as well as twice daily feedings! Here you can learn more about the threats to their habitat, issues surrounding climate change and ocean acidification as well as animal biology and food chains.

Descend in to Deep Blue 1 – Living Rivers, learn about five of the world’s major river systems; the Amazon, the Mekong, the Betsiboka, the Rio Grande and the Congo, home to fascinating species including red-bellied piranhas, blue poison arrow frog, emerald tree boa, African butterfly fish and axolotls – a real must see for the whole family.

Finally, walk through the amazing glass tunnel and take in the stunning marine life swimming all around you, before taking a ride in the glass lift through the 10-metre Endless Oceans exhibit. Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak peek behind the scenes!

The Deep is an environmental and conservation charity, not-for-profit and is dedicated to increasing the knowledge and understanding of the world’s oceans through its participation in vital research and conservation schemes around the world.

The Deep is also home to the superb Two Rivers Restaurant, which is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm. Guests can dine in the stunning Endless Oceans Gallery with sharks and rays as their backdrop and can enjoy a two or three-course meal. Please call 01482 382883 to book a table.


The Deep

The Deep, Tower Street, Hull, United Kingdom

Home to a whopping 3,500 fish including Europe’s only pair of green sawfish, spectacular sharks and rays. The Deep is an environmental and conservation charity dedicated to increasing the knowledge and understanding of the world’s oceans, journeying from the birth of the oceans into the future.

Wildlife you might see at The Deep

Gentoo Penguin

Tall penguin with a white triangular patch above the eye, breeding on subantarctic islands. The fastest underwater swimming penguins, living…

Green Sawfish

Has a shark-like body and an elongated, blade-like snout known as a rostrum that has saw-like teeth on either side.…


Recognised by three white lines across their bright orange bodies. All clownfish are born male. Can irreversibly switch sex to…

Nurse Shark

Common inshore bottom-dwelling sharks, found in tropical and subtropical waters on the continental and insular shelves. Common habitats are reefs…

Moon Jellyfish

A species of the genus Aurelia, it is translucent and can be recognised by its four horseshoe-shaped gonads. Capable of…

Golden Mantella

The golden mantella is a small, terrestrial frog endemic to Madagascar.  It is a uniformly yellow, orange, or red frog…

Black Southern Ray

Large stingray species with a broad distribution in the mild waters of the southern hemisphere. Known to investigate divers and…

Red Tail Catfish

Named for its orange-red caudal fin. A common aquarium fish, it originates from South America in the Amazon, Orinoco, and…

Whitetip Reef Shark

The whitetip reef shark is a small shark and it is easily recognisable by its slender body and short but…

Zebra Shark

Species of nocturnal carpet shark found in the tropical Indo-Pacific, frequenting coral reefs and sandy flats. Adults have a distinctive…

White-Spotted Jellyfish

White-spotted jellyfish feed primarily on zooplankton and can reach up to 50 centimetres in size. It is native to the…

Side-Neck Turtle

A hard one to spot, this turtle is quite the elusive character. Spending much of the day basking on his…

Family and group offers at The Deep



The Day Plus Pass allows you and those with you on the day of your visit to return to The Deep free of charge for a 12 month period. A Day Plus Pass form will be offered to you at reception when purchasing your tickets.

Tickets pre-booked online receive a 10% discount.

The centre is pushchair friendly, with baby food warming stations and a picnic area for packed lunches.


Group booking discount for parties of 20 or more paying visitors.
Free driver entry and lunch.
Free coach parking.
Free group organiser place.
Fast track entry.

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