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Scottish Wildcats at Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Geoff Moore, Discover Animals new roving reporter, has journeyed up to Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands, to explore the fabulous wildlife and talk with the experienced teams about the reserves important conservation work.

In this video, Geoff interviews Ryan Munro, Chief Ranger at Alladale Wilderness Reserve, to discuss the reintroduction of Scottish Wildcats to the reserve.

For more of Geoff’s content, you can visit his blog at The Travel Trunk.

Wildcat footage in the video was provided by

Tracking The Highland Tiger: In Search of Scottish Wildcats

Marianne Taylor's book, published by Bloomsbury, tells the story of how the wildcat of the wildwood became the endangered Scottish wildcat, of how it once lived and lives now, and of how we – its greatest enemy – are now striving to save it in its darkest hour.


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