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Red panda exhibit and cottages new to West Midland Safari

Great news for red panda fans! West Midland Safari Park has launched a brand-new red panda exhibit and luxury cottage stays which are now open to the public.

Located within the Park’s walk-through Discovery Trail, the newly renovated two-story cottages look out into the red panda habitat, offering guests an immersive experience from their luxury Nepalese-influenced accommodation. With space for up to five guests, window seats in every bedroom offer an amazing view of the new red panda enclosure and the chance to watch this endangered species up close.

The luxury cottages have been expertly refurbished into luxury accommodation with Nepalese design influences.

The state-of-the-art ‘Red Panda Retreat’ exhibit is the new home of one-year-old female named Mei Lin, who recently arrived at the Park from The Welsh Mountain Zoo.

Mei Lin’s new home has been designed to showcase her species’ natural behaviours, with stimulating and enriching environments such as nesting boxes, climbing structures, feeding platforms and bamboo.

The open-air enclosure will give Mei Lin 24-hour access to both her indoor and outdoor spaces, which also includes an air-conditioned panda house.

The state-of-the-art ‘Red Panda Retreat’ is the new home of a one-year-old female red panda named, Mei Lin

Red Pandas are naturally solitary animals that come together when it’s breeding season; Mei Lin will eventually be joined at the Park by a male red panda, in the hope that the pair will go on to breed.

The Park hopes that the new exhibit and cottage stays will help raise awareness for the conservation of red pandas, which are endangered in their native habitat in the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China.

Guests staying at the cottages have 24-hour access from their accommodation windows to see Mei Lin in her new habitat.

The Red Panda Cottage stays include exclusive usage of the cottage, dinner and breakfast, exclusive views of the red panda habitat, and two-day admission to the Safari Park and its attractions. For further information and details on how to book visit:

West Midland Safari Park will be open until the later time of 7:30pm during August. To guarantee entry during this busy period, it is advised that tickets are booked in advance via the Park’s website:

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