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Animal boom at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) is gearing up for another record-breaking season, with its largest ever collection of the world’s most rare and beautiful animals.

New for 2017 are rare painted hunting puppies and the park’s latest arrivals,  two endangered black rhinos. The wild hunting dog puppies, who were born in October, give hope that one of the most endangered canine species on the planet can be saved from extinction. The births are particularly significant after a sharp decline in painted dog numbers in the wild. In the past decade, wild populations have dropped from 500,000 to 5,000. Many packs no longer have viable breeding populations.

Meanwhile, YWP’s latest arrivals, two-year-old black rhinos Hodari and Dayo, who each weigh about a tonne – are another star attraction to the newly redeveloped and expanded African Plains. YWP is only the seventh zoo in the UK to have the species.

The park is also home to the country’s only polar bears – Victor, Pixel, Nissan and latest arrival Nobby – and is part of a global programme to protect the world’s largest carnivore whose numbers are threatened by disappearing habitat.

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