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Brilliant new books for younger readers to explore

Three inspiring new books written especially for younger readers explore the wonders of rewilding, the issue of climate change, and the magical arrival of spring.

When We Went Wild
by Isabella Tree. Illustrated by Allira Tee.

Inspired by a real-life decision to rewild her own land, conservationist Isabella Tree tells the story of Nancy and Jake in this charming picture book, who decide to stop using machines and chemicals and let their farm run wild.

What they find when nature takes over is that wildlife returns, the soil recovers, and harmony is restored to the land. When We Went Wild is a joyous tribute to mother nature and the benefits of rewilding, beautifully written to sow the seeds for a younger generation.

Sustainably printed in the UK on 100% recycled paper using renewable energy, there’s also a section in the back for young readers to learn all about rewilding, and what they can do to help nature where they live.

Published by Ivy Kids / Quarto and printed, priced £7.99. Suitable for ages 4–7.

The Story of Climate Change
by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams. Illustrated by Amy Husband and Mike Love.

Travel through time to discover Earth’s changing climate in this fascinating and vividly illustrated book dedicated to teaching younger readers about one of the most important issues facing our world today.

The Story of Climate Change starts billions of years ago, before we started burning fossil fuels, to show how the Earth’s atmosphere has changed over time. We learn what climate change means, the impact of global warming on plants, animals and people, and what can be done to help save the planet in this brilliant book with a powerful ecological message.

Published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Books / Quarto, priced £12.99.  Suitable for ages 5-8.

Busy Spring: Nature Wakes UP
by Sean Taylor and Alex Morss. Illustrated by Cinyee Chiu.

Discover the wonder of springtime and learn how nature wakes up to prepare for a new life in this gorgeous new picture book perfect for younger readers.

Busy Spring looks at how the trees, flowers and animals get ready for a new season and how the spring sunshine acts as nature’s alarm clock.

Brimming with bright, colourful illustrations that bring the pages to life, follow a family as they explore all the different ways that nature wakes up in their garden.

There’s also handy information about plants and flowers at the back of the book, and details on how you can help the wildlife in your garden. Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up follows on from Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story and is a charming family read.

Published by Words & Pictures / Quarto, priced £12.99. Suitable for ages 0-5.

When We Went Wild

From the bestselling author and rewilding pioneer Isabella Tree, When We Went Wild is a heartwarming, sustainably printed picture book about the benefits of letting nature take the lead, inspired by real-life rewilding projects.


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The Story of Climate Change

The Story of Climate Change introduces one of the most important issues facing our world today, and tells you what you can do to help make a change!

Combining history with science, this book charts the changes in our Earth’s climate, from the beginnings of the planet and its atmosphere to the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of machinery.


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Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up

In this uplifting picture book about spring, follow two children and their father through their backyard as they discover all the different ways nature wakes up from its long winter sleep.

Spot the busy creatures and plants as the tale unfolds, then learn about how each responds to the increasing daylight and warmth that usher in the season.


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