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Highland Wildlife Park welcome adorable new calf

RZSS Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland is celebrating the birth of a Mishmi takin calf.

Born to mum Chimi and dad Jorge on March 22nd, a name will be chosen for the charming new arrival in the coming weeks.

In a tradition started by keepers seven years ago, the male calf will be named after a Game of Thrones character, with previous calves being called Mountain, Drogo, and Arya in tribute.

Native to India, Myanmar and China, Mishmi takin are one of the largest goat-antelope species in the world. It is believed the legend of the golden fleece was inspired by their golden coat.

Although the first few weeks are crucial, staff at the wildlife conservation charity say the two-week-old calf is doing well, and they look forward to visitors being able to meet him.

Highland Wildlife Park reopened to the public recently, following Covid guidelines in Scotland. However, visits are limited to local Highland residents only, for the time being, so keep an eye out for updates.

For further information and to pre-book tickets, visit

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