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Critically endangered warty pig joins Edinburgh Zoo

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo welcomed a critically endangered male Visayan warty pig to its collection this week. Arriving from Touroparc Zoo in France, the boar named Jacques joins existing females, Evie and Mina.

Warty pigs are the only species of wild pig to grow a mane and the new male can easily be distinguished from the rest of the group by the impressive crest of hair that grows from the crown of his head and down his back during mating season.

Native to the Visayan Islands in the Philippines, the Visayan warty pig is Critically Endangered and is now found in only two percent of its original range. Edinburgh Zoo is part of the European Endangered Species breeding programme for Visayan warty pigs and has successfully bred the species in the past. The long-term aim of the Visayan warty pig conservation project is to reintroduce the species to the islands where they have become locally extinct.

Lorna Hughes, Team Leader for Hoofstock at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo said: “We are very excited about the latest addition to our group of Visayan warty pigs. Jacques has settled in really well and is getting to know Evie and Mina and his new enclosure.  It is great to be part of the breeding programme for this critically endangered species and we hope that our group will go on to play their part in helping to create a stable captive population which will help secure the future of this unusual species.”

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Photo credit; RZSS/Nicole Skipper

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