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Donate this week to save our red squirrels

Conservation charity Wildwood Trust is urging people to support its campaign to save the red squirrel by donating this week.

All donations given to its appeal  from today until 12pm Tuesday 4th December will be doubled in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign.

The red squirrel, now vastly outnumbered by the invasive grey squirrel, is our only native squirrel species. Numbers have been devastated over the past century and will continue to decline towards extinction unless urgent action is taken. Wildwood even predict the species could be completely wiped out in Britain by 2030.

”How can we just do nothing while witnessing the disappearance of one of this country’s most endearing species?”  Chris Packham

Wildwood has been leading the return of red squirrels back to the UK with important and successful release programmes across Anglesey and mainland Wales. In order for the charity to continue its efforts to rescue the red squirrel, they urgently need to expand their breeding facilities, renovate old enclosures and add more breeding pairs.

Your donation will help to improve the captive breeding facilities at the Wildwood Trust in Kent and therefore increase the amount of red squirrels they can release back into the wild.

To make a donation go to

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