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First Christmas for new Monkey World arrivals

2018 has been a bumper year for Monkey World with the arrival of 12 new primates to the rescue centre in Dorset.

The park celebrated the birth of two extremely rare woolly monkey babies and, most recently, a slow loris infant named Bob, who was born as part of the European Breeding Programme for this protected species. Bob’s mother was unable to care for him sadly, so park director Dr Alison Cronin has stepped in to hand rear the tiny infant, who currently weighs just 45g at three weeks old.

In addition to the births, Monkey World also received primates as a result of the illegal wildlife trade, rescuing black market victims with the help of governments worldwide.

In October, Chimpanzee Naree was rescued from a circus show in Thailand , with two extremely rare red-bellied guenons seized from a passenger plane in Beirut after being smuggled out of Ghana. A baby Bengal slow loris was also rescued from a Beirut pet shop at just three months old.

In September, Dr Cronin rescued chimpanzee Toprish, who was smuggled from the wild for the illegal pet trade in Turkey.

Closer to home, Monkey World continues to rescue victims of the legal British pet trade in monkeys. Marmoset Freya hit national news in May after she was found loose on the streets of London. A squirrel monkey and two saki monkeys were also rehomed as they could no longer be kept at the wildlife parks they came from.

Joining 250 other monkeys and apes at Monkey World, the 12 new primates are now settling well into their new families and will spend the rest of their lives safe and happy in their new homes.

The work of Monkey World is documented by long running TV programme, Monkey Life, with Series 11 being shown on Freeview channel Pick on Sunday evenings from 6pm.

For more information on visiting Monkey World go to

Baby slow loris Bob at Monkey World Dorset

Main image: Woolly monkey Eva and son Lemmy, Monkey World Dorset

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