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First Eurasian wolf cubs for Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park, Oxfordshire, has celebrated the arrival of its first ever litter of five Eurasian wolf cubs.

Born to first-time parents Ash and Ember, mammal keepers were surprised by how quickly the cubs arrived, especially as the wolves had only been introduced in October 2016. Wolves can take a long time to bond, and females only come into season once a year, so the unexpected newborns have been a very welcome addition.

Ash and Ember had arrived as part of a European breeding programme and have delighted Cotswold Wildlife Park by producing the first ever litter of Eurasian Wolf pups in their forty seven year history.

The new cubs were only discovered after mother Ember moved the litter from an underground den after a heavy downpour. They were sheltering under a tree when keepers spotted the tiny cubs for the first time, so young their eyes were still closed.

The Eurasian wolf was once common in Britain but disappeared during the 18th century, although it can still be found in some regions of eastern Europe, Russia and parts of Asia,

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