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Tiny tamarins born at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens in Oxfordhsire recently announced the birth of tiny Emperor tamarin twins. Weighing in at just 35g when born, the yet to be named youngsters can now be seen exploring their enclosure opposite the park’s interactive lemur exhibit Madagascar. Section Head of Primates, Chris Kibbey, commented: “Keepers are delighted that our Emperor tamarin pair […]

First penguin chicks of the season hatch at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park has welcomed three Humboldt penguin chicks to the colony. After spending over two months inside their nests, the three chicks have finally ventured out and are acclimatising to their new surroundings. First out of the nest was Peanut, hatched to parents DJ and Mrs Doyle. A few days later, the park’s oldest penguin, Mushy (aged twenty-four), […]

Keeping count at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Each year, every zoological collection in Britain undertakes a substantial and essential task – the yearly animal count. Keepers at Cotswold Wildlife Park have just completed their annual stocktake; a compulsory requirement for all British zoos in order to keep their zoo licence. The numbers are no surprise to the Park’s keepers, as they know […]

Cotswold Wildlife Park’s first ever hand-reared Flamingo chicks

It’s been over eight years since Cotswold Wildlife Park‘s striking Chilean Flamingo colony last produced eggs. Despite plenty of displaying, nest-building and mating, no chicks appeared. Flamingo eggs were donated to the collection (as part of the European Breeding Programme) and after twenty-six days in incubation, Mambo and Ringo eventually hatched. Keepers tended to the tiny fluffy chicks around-the-clock. Watch […]