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Rhino calf joy for Cotswold Wildlife Park

The newest addition to the rhino family at Cotswold Wildlife Park is D’ora – the seventh white rhino calf to be born at the park in fifty years and the fourth breeding success for parents Monty and Nancy.

The seven-week-old is proving to be a high-spirited addition to the “crash” – the collective noun for a group of Rhinos – and has been delighting visitors with her energetic outbursts. Watch D’ora in action here

White rhino calf – Cotswold Wildlife Park (Paul Nicholls)

As Cotswold Wildlife Park celebrates its golden anniversary this year,  a name was chosen for the new calf incorporating the French word for gold – ‘or’, with keepers naming the new arrival D’ora.

White rhino calf – Cotswold Wildlife Park (Paul Nicholls)

Native to the grasslands of Southern Africa, White Rhinos are the largest of the five Rhino species. Cotswold Wildlife Park is committed to Rhino conservation and works closely with the UK based conservation charity Tusk Trust. However,  the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have had a devastating impact on Rhino conservation and poaching has once again escalated to serious levels.

Reggie Heyworth, the Park’s Managing Director and a Tusk Trust Ambassador, explains: “Conservation programmes throughout Africa’s wildlife areas and national parks often depend on income from tourism and support from charities such as Tusk Trust. With so few tourists visiting Africa, it is all the more important for us to support the work of Tusk Trust, who fund over forty programmes throughout sub-Saharan Africa, including vital work to protect rhinos and elephants from poachers”.

For more information about Tusk Trust, visit – and for information on visiting Cotswold Wildlife Park go to

Main image:  D’Ora with mum Nancy – Cotswold Wildlife Park (Rory Carnegie)

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