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Summer events to raise awareness at West Midland

West Midland Safari Park is looking forward to launching its annual Summer Nights event at the end of July.  This year the focus will be on fundraising for some of the world’s most vulnerable and endangered species. For five weeks, the park will be raising awareness for different animals, including bumblebees, Sumatran tigers, penguins, Grévy’s zebras […]

First penguin chicks of the season hatch at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park has welcomed three Humboldt penguin chicks to the colony. After spending over two months inside their nests, the three chicks have finally ventured out and are acclimatising to their new surroundings. First out of the nest was Peanut, hatched to parents DJ and Mrs Doyle. A few days later, the park’s oldest penguin, Mushy (aged twenty-four), […]