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Elusive bearded birds arrive in Devon

Living Coasts has welcomed some new arrivals as four bearded reedlings move from Newquay Zoo in Cornwall to the tranquil estuary habitat of its sister zoo in Devon. This small orange-brown bird with a long tail and yellowy-orange bill is found only in small pockets in the UK, mainly in the south and east. The […]

Native seahorses return to Torquay

Living Coasts, the all-weather attraction located on Torquay seafront in South Devon, is now home to native seahorses. These beautiful, serene and exotic creatures, also known by the Latin hippocampus – meaning “horse caterpillar” –  live in the seagrass meadows just offshore in the Bay. Seahorses use their long, thin snouts to probe into nooks and […]

Living Coasts seal has eye op

A seal at Living Coasts in Devon has received crucial medical treatment from South Devon veterinary experts. South American fur seal Grace was first given slow-release implants in 2011 to control her immune system, which causes problems with her eyes. These implants were replaced in September 2014 – and now she has had the procedure again. […]

Rare glimpse of chimpanzees in forgotten African forest

Conservationists in Nigeria supported by a Devon charity have taken the first photographs of chimpanzees in a region not widely recognised for its wildlife. The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust, which runs Paignton Zoo, Living Coasts and Newquay Zoo, supports conservation work in the forests of South West Nigeria as a partner in the Omo-Shasha-Oluwa (OSO) Forest Initiative. The Initiative […]

Which way up for the upside-down jellyfish

Living Coasts is moving some precious specimens – but keepers have to make sure they get the box the right way up! The cassiopea, or upside-down jellyfish, lives – as the name suggests – upside down, with its tentacles pointing upwards. Living Coasts Operations Manager Clare Rugg said: “They are found in aquariums but they […]

Charity celebrates volunteer achievements

A key local charity has been celebrating the achievements of its volunteers. The dedicated band clocked up the equivalent of 3,000 working days during 2015. The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust is the charity that runs Paignton Zoo Environmental Park, Living Coasts in Torquay and Newquay Zoo in Cornwall. The charity recently took time to thank […]