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First set of Binturong twins born at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Fig the new Binturong cub sniffs the camera at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire has announced that its breeding pair of Binturongs, Dobby and Himala, have produced their first set of twins. Their cubs are the first Binturong twins to be born at the site.

Keepers kept a photo diary of the twins, including their first peak out of the nest box (where they spent several weeks out of sight) and their recent public debut in their outdoor exhibit.

Himalaya the binturong and one of her cubs coming out of their nest box

Image credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Traditionally keepers name Binturong cubs after fruits found in their native homeland of south-east Asia. One of the cubs has been named Fig but the other cub has a far more personal story behind the name – keeper James has named her Rosie in honour of his late grandmother who encouraged his love of wildlife from a young age.

Due to their bizarre appearance and sweet-smelling aroma, Binturongs spark a great deal of curiosity from visitors who often smell them before they see them. They are the only creature to emit a completely unique scent, which smells like buttered popcorn!

One of the binturong cubs ventures outside for the first time with mum Himala

Image credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

The park celebrated World Binturong Day in May, manning a dedicated stand, with keepers and volunteers on hand to help raise awareness of this fascinating species; lunch was enjoyed by Fig and the park’s older canine visitor – a 17½-year-old rescue collie called Holly, who regularly visits with her owners – was also able to meet the new arrivals. Thanks to the generosity of visitors, over £300 was raised for ABConservation – a Binturong conservation programme dedicated to protecting these endangered mammals in the wild.

17½-year-old rescue collie Holly meets staff at Cotswold Wildlife Park on World Binturong Day

Image credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

Main image credit: Cotswold Wildlife Park

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