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First outing for Asiatic wild dog pups at West Midland Safari

A litter of thee endangered dhole (Asiatic wild dog) pups made their first public appearance at West Midland Safari Park recently.

After spending their first 10 weeks hidden away in a den, keepers were delighted to finally meet the boisterous youngsters after mum, Berni finally took them outside. The first veterinary checks revealed the pups to be two boys and one girl, which Head Keeper, Lawrence Bates named after three of his team –  Huw, Harry and Holly.

The dhole pups – part of a European breeding programme for the endangered species – can be spotted with the rest of the dhole pack in the Wild Woods on the Park’s four-mile safari.

Senior Carnivore Keeper, Huw Owen-Jones said, “It is an honour to lend our names to such brilliant animals. Dholes are classed as ‘endangered’ in the wild, so it’s great news for the species that we have such a successful breeding programme at the Park.

“The three pups are already developing individual personalities – Huw and Harry have already started squabbling, whilst Holly is a bit more reserved and sits back and takes it all in. Mum Berri has done a great job and is a really relaxed parent, taking it all in her stride. Douglas (the pups’ dad) on the other hand is very overprotective and seems to keep watch over them more than mum. The pups had their first day out on the Safari this week and Douglas was always nearby. He’s great at taking them food and ensures they are always looked after.”

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Dhole pups enjoy their first day out at West Midland Safari Park

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